Born in 1959 in New York City, Chardiet is of Cuban and Russian, Jewish immigrant parents. Simon took up drums at the age of 8 but then switched shortly thereafter to guitar at age 9. Chardiet did his first professional gigs at age 14 in east Harlem and Central Harlem while attending Sugar Hill's High School of Music and Art.

 Simon studied with the likes of such legendary musicians as Chuck Wayne and Milt Hinton. He has played with such artists as the great Bo Diddely, Sleepy La Beef and Charles "Honeyboy" Otis. Chardiet has shaped and influenced New York's Ska and punk scene with recordings and performances with such bands as Rancid, the Slacker, Jon Spencer, the Flat Duo Jets and Andre Williams. 

SIMON CHARDIET partial discography...45 records!!!  

With: Simon and the Bar Sinisters:  

1) Look at me Im Cool  1995 (Rounder Records)  

2)Bug Bite Daddy  1997  (Rounder Records)  

3)Artillery Tractor  2000  

4)Department Of Corruption  2000  

5)Rockin With Simon and the Bar Sinisters  2002  

6)Music For All Occasions   2004  

7)Im Gonna Feed My Baby Poison  2005  

8) Die Hipster Scum  2011  

9) Break The Tension Have a Peanut  2015  

10) Didnt I Piss you Off This Time?   2018  

11) Rockabilly From Rockaway 2018  

12 Rockabilly from Rockaway vol 2  

13 Rockabilly From Rockaway vol 3!! 2019 

With the Rooftoppers  


Jazz Goes Surfing  2010  
The Rooftoppers 2014  
Love me Or Leave Me 2018  
Who Knows 2018  
the Rooftoppers play for...YOU  2018  

With the Mooks  

Vic Ruggiero & Simon chardiet are:The Mooks--2019 

With: Rancid  

"Turntable"  off of "Life Wont Wait"  1998   ( Hellcat)  

With The Contortion's James Chance  

"Terminal City-Down and Dirty "  2005     (wind bell)  

With Flat  Duo Jets  

 "Simon Chardiet /Dexter Romweber- 2 Great Guitars " (Norton Records)  1995 45 rpm 7 inch  

  "Red tango" 1996 Norton Records  
With The Slackers:  

 "Red Light"   1997  

"The Question" 1997  
Hellcat Records  
"Wasted Days" 1998  

"Wasted Days Lp (2000)  

"Wasted Days cd (2000) all different songs from lp  


Mojo Nixon  

Whereabouts Unknown-(-1995)      Ripe and Ready  


With the Voidoid's Ivan Julian  

"Searchin for you" b/w "Fever" 1980     7inch 45   Contender Records  


Screaming Rebel Angels  Hitch Hike 2013  
 With Jon Spencer Blues Explosion:  

Damage (2003)    Sanctuary  
With Heavy Trash (Jon spencer/Matt Verta-ray)  
"Goin way Out" Lp  

   "Goin Way Out" cd Different songs 2009         

    " Midnight Soul Serenade"  2010  

7-inch 45s   Nervis/Say Yeah 2010  
                 Panik/We Got To Go  


  with:Joey Miserable and the Worms  

"Joey Miserable and the Worms" lp 1985  

 " Hangin out for your Love"   12 inch 45 rpm 1986 


With Turbo AC'S" Av" X   2oo5 Gearhead Records  

   With the SUPERTONES  

"Cinema Surf"  2003  

"All for a few Perfect Waves"  2007  

"Mysto Incognito "   2012  

Going to a Rock n roll dance party 2014  

The Sweet Ride 2017  




4 on the Floor  (cassette) 1991  

"Burning Sensation" cd 2005  


Tim Otto-Double Single 2019